Custom Microwave Trim Kits

Let TrimKits USA precisely craft a custom trim kit to work with your microwave, microwave drawer, coffee maker, steam/speed oven and wall oven filler strips, whether your using existing cabinets, doing a remodel, or building new construction

EuroTrim allows different appliance brands to be used in your kitchen so you can have the “best of class” in each category and EuroTrim will seamlessly integrate all of your appliances.

We’ll build for most custom applications/options needed

   A Must Have In Every Home


We all love having our microwave when we need it.  

We spend time finding the perfect model to fit into our kitchen location and design.  

Choosing a EuroTrim trim kit to integrate the entire kitchen is the next choice.


All new wall oven sizes are significantly different that the older model wall ovens, in most cases much shorter in height, therefor leaving an opening in your cabinet that needs to be filled.

TrimKits USA has the perfect solution … a wall oven filler strip that looks like it's part of your wall oven.

We design our wall oven filler strips to be the same depth as your wall oven door. Our proprietary magnetic mounting system (same as what we utilize on our world class microwave oven trim kits) allows the filler strip to be removed should your wall oven ever needs service.

TrimKits USA custom manufactures your wall oven filler strip to match your wall oven, in both width and depth.

It's Your Kitchen, Your Design & Your Lifestyle

Microwave Drawers allow you to focus on your kitchen’s design and workflow by offering flexible installation options; in an island, in a peninsula, under the counter,  or below your wall oven.

Design your kitchen, then put the microwave where it belongs, it integrates beautifully into any kitchen design, and pairs with other appliances nicely.

Your Morning Wake Up Call


Giving millions of Americans that extra boost in the morning - our coffee makers have become a necessity in the kitchen.        

Try one of our custom trim kits around your prized coffee maker.