Wall Oven Filler Strips

All new model wall ovens are much shorter in profile than the older models, so when you replace your wall oven it leaves a gap in your cabinet.

Do you need a stainless steel wall oven filler strip to fill that gap ? 

We make wall oven filler strips that look like they're a factory part of your wall oven

Our hand-crafted wall oven filler strips are made with the highest grade of (304) stainless steel, that will seamlessly integrate with your wall oven, being the same depth as your wall oven door

Our wall oven filler strips are $399.00 (for up to a 30” W x 6” H), larger sizes have additional costs), the price includes: 

  • engineering time to create a CAD drawing, 

  • custom tool & dye set up and

  • custom production time

See the document at the bottom of this page, Which filler strip do you want in your Kitchen?

Click on the PHOTOS button below to see the critical differences of our wall oven filler strips

You can do any of the following to order a wall oven filler strip:

  1. Send us an e-mail with the overall finished outside dimensions of the wall oven filler strip you want to order (W x H x D) to: jodyh@trimkitsusa.com

    • see diagram below on how to measure

  2. Please e-mail a clear picture of your wall oven and surrounding cabinetry so we can see the application you have to: jodyh@trimkitsusa.com

  3. Click the "Request A Quote" button below and we'll respond with details and pricing.

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