What Our Customers Are Saying About TrimKits USA Products & Services

Looks amazing! thanks for your help!
— Paul S. - Alamo, CA
You can add another highly satisfied customer to your list TrimKits USA!
— Andrew C. - Dousman, WI
Attached are some photos. We are very happy with the trim kit and believe the look and quality are much better than the mass-produced trim kits sold at retail stores.
We are glad we invested the time and money with TrimKits USA making sure our trim kit was perfect. Working with you and creating a custom trim kit for our microwave space was a great decision and are very pleased with the entire experience and finished product.
— Mark M. - Plano, TX
When we upgraded our wall oven, a small 2” gap was created in our oven wall cabinet . Thankfully, I found TrimKits USA online in my frantic search for solutions for filling this kind of “cabinetry conversion” gap. Amazingly, Jody answered my call the very morning the carpenters were making the cabinetry modifications for the installation of our two new ovens. Following his instructions, I had the carpenters install the wooden “filler faceplate” underneath the new interior oven shelf, flush with our existing cabinet. Clearly it would have been very difficult to stain this piece to match, especially since the wood grain was so obviously incompatible. It took my husband less than (20) minutes to install our new stainless steel wall oven filler strip – making our cabinetry look custom once again. THANK YOU TRIMKITS USA!!!
— Paula L. - Tomball, TX
We are very pleased with the custom microwave trim kit results, efficiency and customer service.
The final installed product looks great!
— Sanford H. - Miami Beach, FL
Good afternoon, I just want to really say thank you, it was well worth it.
Your microwave trim kit looks amazing and I’ll 100% recommend TrimKits USA.
Everything looks great,
Thank you.
— Sergio A. - Austin, TX
I’ve seen a variety of aftermarket trim kits for microwave ovens, and although they fill the void, many of these one size fits all kits look cheap. As you can see from my photo, we had to match the look of a Viking double oven with no compromises.
The TrimKits USA trim kit is fashioned from one piece of stainless steel, and was custom built for our Sharp microwave which fulfilled our vision with flying colors.
Our contractor made fast work of the installation, and the magnet mount system ensures that there are no unsightly screws or other fasteners visible.
— Richard L. - Plainview, NY
I ordered an oven filler from TrimKits USA in April 2019. At first, I was not sure how to measure, but the owner, Jody, explained everything to me on the phone. The oven filler was delivered on time, and looks beautiful. The wall oven filler strip of the competitor company, MicroTrim, looks very cheap by comparison
— Christine A. - Sacramento, CA
Our experience with TrimKits USA was nothing less than excellent. We received personalized customer service from start to finish. The process was very easy; just take good measurements and send a photo. We had a choice of a custom or prefabricated trim per measurements. We tried several trim kits that did not fit our new GE microwave. We also wanted a trim that was made of stainless steel, not plastic or aluminum, and without slats. This trim is beautiful and fits perfectly. I am so happy I did my research and found this company. Recommend highly!
— Nubiti K. - Fontana, CA
Thank you so much for the trim kit. It looks great and was easy to install. I appreciate your help in the ordering process. Thanks again. Charlie
— Charles S. - Meridian, MS
Dear TrimKits USA,
From the first interaction with your company, I knew that the quality and fit/finish would be great.
We worked with Jody, and he clearly knows his business extremely well. He’s very professional and knew exactly how to expedite the measuring process, and fitting process to make sure the custom trim kit for our Panasonic microwave would fit perfectly.
Initially based on our existing cabinetry and style, it was agreed I would need to perform a little sawing of the wood cabinetry sides of the microwave recess opening to allow the kit to fit properly, however to my delight when I dry fit the kit in place, I quickly realized I did not have to make any alterations/cuts to the existing cabinets whatsoever!!! That was such a great surprise to see that Jody found a way to fabricate the kit, and not require any modifications what so ever!!! I was originally thinking I needed to remove about ¾” from either side as discussed… however Jody fabricated the kit perfectly and no cutting was necessary. So great!
The instructions included were easy to follow and we did so seamlessly. Attached are some pictures for the completed job. We’re extremely impressed with the product, the process and attention to detail. It all came out perfect!!! We are very happy!!!!
Thank you again Jody. The kit is absolutely perfect in every way.
Thanks again!!!!!
— Steve S. - Santa Rosa, CA
Attached please find a picture of the installed wall oven filler strip on my GE monogram high-speed oven. The insert looks as if it was the actual microwave surround and part of the unit, not an aftermarket solution. The stainless matches perfectly.
— Barbara P. - Selbyville, DE
The trim kit arrived yesterday, and after opening the packaging up and investigating the instructions, etc… I dry fit the kit in place.
You fabricated the kit perfectly and I followed your installation instructions to the “T” and all was seamless. Very easy!!!!
I attached some pictures for you to see the completed job.
I am extremely impressed with the product, the process and your attention to detail. It all came out perfect!!! Very very happy!!!!
Thank you again Jody. The kit is absolutely perfect in every way.
— Steve S. - Santa Rosa, CA
The trim kit worked beautifully in my cabinet.
Looks great. Yay!
Before and after pictures attached.

The trim kit engineering was very well thought out and the manufacturing quality was excellent.
— David S. - Palo Alto, CA
Here is the pic on the trim kit. Worked out great!
— Eric B. - Avon, CO
Attached please find a picture of my custom made trim kit.
You guys provide the best solution and a beautiful product.
Thanks again for your help.
— Bob C. - Sacramento, CA
By KTKB on November 9, 2018

We ordered this microwave to replace a 10 your old GE profile. Boy, I’m glad we went with this Panasonic vs the new GE. This microwave is beautiful. Round dial and no keypad, nice touch with the blue number display gives the microwave a classy look. The glass on the front is reflective and looks really sharp! Were somewhat concerned about using the dial instead of the keypad but after having it is very intuitive and easy to use and we actually like it better than keying everything on a pad. Cleaner and easier to clean also. We installed it along with a stainless trim kit from trimkitsusa.com ($625) and it looks fantastic. If you have ever tried to replace a built-in microwave with a different brand, you understand what a nightmare this can be. We really wanted a Panasonic microwave and after a lot of reading and research, I determined the trim kit from Panasonic to be total garbage so we opted for the kit from trimkitsusa.com to replace our old GE trim kit. Their kits are expensive but ours was custom made to cover the screw holes from the old trim kit and also to fit the space perfectly. The trim kit is a true work of art in and of itself. It can be removed in about 2 seconds since it is magnetically held. The microwave is well....a microwave. It works well and gets food warm. I would highly recommend this microwave to anyone. We are so glad we bought it!
— Amazon Microwave Customer Who Bought Our Trim Kit
I highly recommend TrimKitsUSA! I ordered the kit because I wanted a modern high end appearance, the result is absolutely beautiful. The kit arrives with professional packaging, the way you would package precious, high end product. The installation kit is very clever ensuring a perfect outcome. Ordering is simple requiring a a photo, a few measurements and microwave brand and model number. Phone advice and support is always available walking you through any uncertainty. Five Stars on product design and quality, installation, service and support.
— Robert L - Half Moon Bay, CA
Hello, I wanted to thank you for all your help on making our trim kit.
We received it and I installed it. It looks great. I attached a couple of pictures.
— Mark V. - Mount Prospect, IL
Jody was responsive and attentive to detail. Our microwave trim kit looks fabulous and will be easy to remove if we ever need to replace our microwave.
— Jeff E. - Essex, MA
Attached is a photo of the wall oven filler strip installed.
Working with TrimKits USA was a pleasure. They were extremely responsive to my questions and made the ordering process very easy for a custom made product. We are very pleased with the final result which was delivered about three weeks earlier than promised. Definitely a quality product and a great team.
— Greg S. - Oregon City, OR
A great fit - an easy do it your self project. Order process was simply measuring space for a custom ventilation grill. Quick turn time. Very satisfied with Trim Kits from start to finish.
— Patrick D. - Mercer Island, WA
Thanks for all your help with this, our handyman had no problems installing it and it came out great, please see photo below.
— Paul F. - New York, NY
Wall oven filler strip arrived ready to install and was made to exact specifications with quality materials and craftsmanship and looks great!
Thanks, TrimKits USA!
— Serena B. - Pinckney, MI
The trim kit worked like a dream!
I could not be more pleased with the wall oven filler strip from Trimkits USA! I’d put off dealing with the large gap below my new wall oven and I panicked when my family informed me that I would be hosting Thanksgiving this year. Fortunately for me, the wall oven filler strip arrived in plenty of time, was simple to install, and looks GREAT!
— Ellie P. - Ann Arbor, MI
Here is a picture of our now installed trim kit for our LG microwave. The LG trim kit was too wide for our application, so your custom kit made it possible to build in the microwave within the constraints of our existing cabinetry. It looks very nice.
— David L. - Menlo Park, CA
Microwave trim kit was installed by our contractor. Arrived quickly and was packaged very well.
— Lisa F. - Camden, DE
We are very happy with our experience with TrimKits USA. The microwave trim kit was the exact size we ordered and was delivered early. Easy to install. Finished appearance is perfect.
— Robert M. - Dove Canyon, CA
My Viking microwave trim kit is perfect. Sending before and after pics.
Love it!
— Debra R. - Glenview, IL
I wanted to send you a thank you for the wall oven filler strip we ordered last month. It arrived the other day, and my husband installed it this morning. It looks great and covers the space in the cabinet well. My husband said the magnetic mounting bracket made for an easy installation. I’ve attached a picture of the finished look.
We appreciate your quick turnaround!
— Jessica R. - Eugene, OR
Attached is a picture of the filler strip you made for me.
The piece is very nicely made and was easy to install.
The stainless steel finish matched the Miele ovens.
Overall it was a very good experience dealing with TrimKits USA.
— Ted L. - Los Altos, CA
Thanks for all of your help with the process. You helped the process when things were crazy completing the construction of our new home!
”We love our trim kit. It fits perfectly with the microwave and cabinetry. We had limited options with a smaller depth cabinet and TrimKits USA was a life saver.
— Nathan S. - Schererville, IN
Love the wall oven filler strip! Install was easy. Stainless matches our appliances perfectly. Exactly what we needed to cover the hole left under our oven when we replaced our old wall oven with new.
— Dean D. - Pearland, TX
We realized while building our kitchen that our microwave cabinet slot was going to look unfinished without some type of trim, so I went to Google and found TrimKits USA.
Before I ordered one, I got on the phone with Jody.
He was awesome and explained the price difference of his “custom” trim kits vs. standard trim kits.
He also gave me exact microwave models to choose from for reliability, future replace-ability if it fails, and perfect look and fit. Saved me hundreds on what I would have spent had I not spoken to him and it looks great! Excellent sales and customer service.
— Ryan W. - San Francisco, CA
Here are a few pictures of my new trim kit and microwave.
I am thrilled with how the trim kit frames the microwave.
It looks beautiful, and could not have fit the microwave more perfectly!
— Sylvia P. - Greer, SC
After I spent so much time and money on getting my microwave oven and regular oven replaced, it didn’t make sense to buy some cheap piece of metal to cover the gap I had in my cabinetry just because the sizes of my appliances had changed.
I love the wall oven filler strip that I ordered from TrimKits USA.
It was worth every penny I spent on it because it allowed me to cover up the gap I had without having to redo anything about my cabinetry
— Tam C. - Winter Park, FL
We are very happy about the way the trim kit turned out.
It seemed a little pricey but after spending the money to redo the kitchen it just made sense to do it right and to use the trim kit from your company.
— Janet S. - Brookeville, MD
Here are a couple of pictures. It looks fantastic!
What happened to us was that our microwave model was discontinued and they ordered the wrong trim kit originally.
When we found out, the trim kit was no longer available. The appliance store offered a couple of unattractive solutions, but thankfully someone told my husband about your company.
We were a bit leery ordering a trim kit just from a model number but did.
It is truly perfect and was so easy for my husband to install!
— Patricia E. - Killingworth, CT
My overall experience buying a microwave custom trim kit from TrimKits USA was positive and met my expectations. The kit fits perfectly and the look is fabulous, just what I was looking for my remodeled kitchen. They are very serious, meticulous, and they delivered what they promised.
— Isabel G. - Pleasanton, CA
Happy to tell you that the wall oven filler strip fits perfectly! From start to finish, the process was easy to follow. Could not be happier with the results!
— Silvia D. - Princeton, NJ
Please see attached picture of our trim kit shown in the wall oven and microwave combination cabinet. It looks great! I found you very responsive to my many questions, you gave a reasonable price and provided a quick turn-around.
— George S. - Kingsville, MD
Thought you might like to see these pictures after a successful EuroTrim install.
I like the subdued logo, clean lines and black glass styled control panel of this Whirlpool unit. Your trim kit makes it look fantastic. So much better than the ugly, plastic-backed Whirlpool trim kit with vent openings on both sides.
— Adam D. - Cincinnati, OH
As you can see, the new trim kit from TrimKits USA matches our other stainless appliances perfectly; the workmanship is superb, the way the kit was packed and shipped was very impressive (not a scratch or blemish on the stainless surfaces) the fit into our cabinet was very precise and matched the specs; I am thrilled that I found your website after my disappointment with the first trim kit I ordered from your major competitor
— Albert C. - Wildwood, MO
The microwave and trim kit were finally installed today. Looks great! Couldn’t be happier.
Thanks for all your help.
— Marcia S. - Bethesda, MD
Everything was absolutely perfect! Glad to see quality workmanship is still done in America
— Armando S. - Lighthouse Point, FL
I finally found some time to install my wall oven filler strip, it looks great! it is well made and you can tell was designed by engineers. Thank you!
— John K. - Friendswood, TX
I’m very happy with the wall oven filler strip for my oven. When the first piece arrived damaged from the carrier, I was so disappointed. You guys were total professionals though and replaced it immediately with a piece which arrived in perfect condition. I’m as happy with your customer service as I am with the piece itself! Thank you so much!!
— Robin S. - Waxahachie, TX
Have to say as a retired designer & engineer I was very impressed with the design/engineering logic behind the kit and more importantly the craftsmanship of all the parts. A lot of thought went into how many ways errors could be made in the assembly of the kit so that it would be foolproof to assemble…….very easy to produce a high quality job with the features integrated into the design. The end product really improved the appearance of the kitchen. Highly recommend TrimKits USA to anyone who needs a high quality, great looking, and easy to assemble product.
Tell all involved excellent job!
— Michael C. - Toledo, OH
I bought (2) trim kits to surround our LG microwaves in a newly refurbished breakroom.
The cabinetry was custom so the microwave manufacturer’s trim kit would not work.
The purchasing process was easy, and TrimKits USA was very responsive.
We received the trim kits quickly and in great condition.
The final look is sleek and expensive looking.
Our favorite part is that the trim kits attach magnetically, so we are able to remove them easily to clean the under and behind the microwaves.
We are going to refurb another of our breakrooms in 2018 and I will definitely purchase our trim kits from TrimKits USA again.
— Kacie L. - Valencia, CA
The trim kit for our microwave is beautiful. The process was painless. The kit is more expensive than others, but WELL WORTH IT.
— Jeff K. - Eagle, ID
The wall oven filler strip we purchased from TrimKits USA exceeded our expectations!
We are so pleased with the quality and beauty of your work. The wall oven filler strip was packaged well and effortless to install.
We couldn’t be happier! Thank you for delivering great customer service and an exceptional product.
— Nicole H. - Katy, TX
I was so upset when carpenter said that staining the plywood was all he could do when the new ovens were smaller than the old ones.
Wow, what a difference your trim makes. Looks AWESOME, thanks so much.
— Freddie P. - Wharton, TX
My family and I are extremely satisfied with our custom microwave trim kit. Working with TrimKits USA was a great experience and well worth the investment. Our cabinet opening was much too small for the majority of microwaves, but TrimKits USA was able to recommend a product that worked and then created a beautiful custom trim kit for our cabinet. The instructions provided were very simple to understand and it made the installation process a breeze. I would strongly recommend TrimKits USA to anyone looking for a clean and custom look to their cabinetry.
Thanks for all your help with this project Jody! We’ve received a ton of compliments!
— Andy T. - Shawnee, KS
I would like to place the order. I contacted that other company (Micro-Trim) first because they were the company Lowe’s referred. It was because of my brief conversation with them that I contacted you guys. They were rude and acted like I was bothering them with my questions. Really?? I’m trying to give you my business.
I’d rather pay a little more for something if it includes great customer service and a pleasant experience when letting go of my hard earned money. Thank you!! ;)
— Robin S. - Waxahachie, TX
The trim was just as advertised and expected. Arrived on time. Easy to install. Looks great! Just what we were looking for
— Dennis R. - Carlsbad, CA
Thanks It was a smooth experience
— Dean B. - Eastvale, CA
TrimKits USA came to the rescue when the standard trim kit for the GE Microwave was incompatible with our cabinets. Jody was great to deal with, and the trim kit fits seamlessly in our new kitchen.
— Frank M. - Cambridge, MA
I FINALLY got around to installing the kit. It’s amazing. The fit and finish are perfect! It looks 100% factory. You all do great work.
— Doug S. - Corona, CA
We have attached photos of our kitchen after the upgrades on our microwave and (2) wall ovens. The addition of the trim kit sets off the entire wall, prompting compliments from family and friends.
When our original (20) year old built-in microwave croaked, we purchased a replacement, different brand and more compact. Unfortunately, the older units were much larger than the compact units manufactured today. That’s when we were faced the dilemma of how to fill in the empty space around the new unit.
A kind salesperson at Lowe’s recommended that we contact you by email. Your response was immediate and very professional. You made the entire process much easier than we ever imagined. Your customer service was amazing, and the drawings and measurements were precise. Yes, we procrastinated, since we were very hesitant and anxious about the project. We appreciated the friendly reminders and offer to answer questions, as that prompted us to finish the project. We are amateurs, but were able to follow instructions to attain the beautiful finished product that you see in the photos.
We so appreciate your professional assistance!
— Larry & Jennifer L. - Porterville, CA
Just wanted to thank you for all of your help! In all honesty, I was very skeptical about the trim kit Kenmore had sent me...I just knew it wasn’t going to look right so back it went.
After some tears, I went online and researched trim kits and your site came up!
After a phone call with you discussing measurements, I felt confident that your customized trim kit was the way to go.
After receiving it, it took only minutes to put on...it was as if it had belonged to the oven from the start!
So happy and no more tears!
Thanks again!
— Lisa S. - Southwick, MA
Here are a couple of pictures of the trim kit in our kitchen.
The trim kit looks fantastic and is such a better solution than those faux metal trim kits that come with the microwaves. It certainly was a lot more expensive, but it will be a worthwhile investment for an appliance that needs to be swapped out more often than the typical built-in kitchen appliance.
One of our friends has also gotten a trim kit from your company for a custom kit that had to be built because of a measurement error by the cabinet manufacturer. She also commented on how much better it looked than the trim kit she originally had from her microwave manufacturer and that the appliance installer also liked how it installed.
I do have to make one more comment: are you really just one person? or there is an army of people called Jody?!!? I cant believe how quickly you respond to emails and at really crazy hours! Really appreciate that responsiveness — particularly after finding you through a Google search and feeling a little tentative about not having any direct recommendations about your company or product.
Thanks again for all of your help
— Trish B. – Centennial, CO
“In struggling trying to find a microwave trim kit, I did a search for “custom microwave trim kits” and TrimKits USA came up. I read some of their reviews and decided to contact them. I received a prompt reply from Jody, a co-owner of the company asking me to send a picture of the cabinet opening. Jody returned the picture with notes on it asking for the specific dimensions he needed. Once they received what they requested, Jody informed me that my application would accept one of their standard trim kits by only fabricating a custom set of risers for the microwave to sit on and said he could save me a some money by doing so rather that ordering a complete custom kit.. I placed the order, and two weeks and two days later heard that my trim kit shipped two weeks early, yay! The trim kit arrived very nicely packaged and the install was straight forward with the enclosed directions. Once I got all the mounting hardware adjusted and peeled of the protective film, it revealed a beautiful look to finishing off our kitchen. Thank You Jody and TrimKits USA!”
— Garry L. - Wenatchee, WA
Thank you for your time earlier today, I appreciate the opportunity to speak with you and learn more about what you all do and how you do it - - your attention to detail is remarkable, thank-you for that.
— Ben E. - Costa Mesa, CA
Thanks again for your help and advice. I’ve attached two photos of our installed kit.
Our experience with TrimKits USA was outstanding! You were very helpful in working with me to get the custom specifications we needed exactly right. The kit arrived in a timely fashion, and was very easy to install (even for someone like me, who isn’t very good at that sort of thing). We already referred a neighbor to your company and would happily do so again.
— Jim T. - Lone Tree, CO
Attached is a picture of the trim kit we recently purchased for our Miele built in coffee maker. It fits and matches perfectly. Thank you for making it so easy to find the right solution without having to buy an entirely new unit. They look as if they’re the original panels that came with the unit!
— Courtney J. - Tempe, AZ
I have attached a picture of the trim kit. Thank you for all your help, from the extremely challenging size of my cabinet opening, to your recommending the best trim kit option for the microwave, your and TrimKits USA’s professionalism and quality was greatly appreciated. I would not hesitate to recommend you or your company.
— Michael C. - San Jose, CA
I was completely satisfied with the wall oven filler strip. The Trim Kit was received in just (3) weeks after I ordered it as you promised. The quality of the materials and fabrication were perfect. It took me only about (5) minutes to install it. Great company and great product. Below are a before and after photo.
— William P. - Elkton, MD
Attached is the installed LED TV trim kit. It looks great and we are happy.
— Pat O. - Naples, FL
We had a great experience with TrimKits USA. The customer service was exceptional and we could not be happier with wall oven filler strip. It works perfectly in the space.
— Robin N. - Plano, TX
Attached is a picture of the trim kit. I had nothing to do with installation, but it looks great. Thank you.
— Troy T. - Phoenix, AZ
Thanks a lot by the way the one that Troy ordered from Spencer’s fit perfectly, thanks
— Paul L. - Phoenix, AZ
Just wanted to let you know that my trim kit arrived, is installed, and looks fabulous. Thanks for all of your help!
— Joe V. - Martinez, CA
Just a heads-up, all went well, looks great, thanks for awesome product / experience!
— Sergey Y. - Newark, CA
The trim kit is an extremely well made product that installed very easily. Thanks for another option to serve our customers.
— Neil W. - Myerstown PA
It worked out great. Thanks for all your help!
— Andrew S. - Brooklyn, NY
Thanks again for all of the information. Regardless of what we end up doing we will be ordering from you. You have absolutely earned my business twice over and this has been a fantastic exchange.
— Mike L. - Elk Grove Village, IL
Here are the pictures my installers took of the trim kit. It looks great. The customer was very happy we did not have to cut or modify the existing cabinets.
— R. McWhirt - Greenwood Village, CO
Great job!
— Doug M. - Alameda, CA
Attached is a photo of the installed trim kit. We are very satisfied with the appearance. I do recommend your service to others. Thank you
— Doug B. - Lake Charles, LA
Jody - here’s a picture of the final installation. Installation was easy, instructions were easy to follow - no problems what-so-ever.
— L. Crogg - Mission Viejo CA
Jody, great job ... Worked out well. Thank you, Bill
— Bill T. - Houston, TX
I placed my order today and want to thank you for the excellent customer assistance you gave me. It was great to work with someone who takes pride in their work. We are looking forward to enjoying your product. Sincerely, Doug
— Doug M. - Alameda, CA
After my kitchen remodel, my contractor suggested that I get a trim kit for the microwave. He recommended TrimKits USA but said it comes at a cost. The price he quoted to us was cost prohibitively high so I decided I would do my own research. Once I found TrimKits USA’s’ website and saw that this was the trim that I was looking for, I contacted the company directly.  Jody was very responsive and helpful and walked me through the entire process (which was not complicated- just a few measurements and photos of my microwave). Yes, it is quite expensive but ordering the trim kit myself eliminated the contractor’s markup and installation fee. Yes, I was able to install the trim kit myself (suburban housewife) with no trouble in about (35) min. It took me that long because my electric drill’s battery died and I had to use a hand screwdriver. The design and construction are fabulous and most of all, the grade of stainless steel matches my Viking appliances perfectly! I think the photo speaks volumes of how wonderfully this trim finishes the look of our kitchen. My husband (who objected the cost of the trim initially) is also so pleased.  I wholeheartedly recommend this company and their product for a high-end finish for your kitchen!
— Tatjana F. - Menlo Park, CA
We are very happy with the trim kit we purchased from TrimKits USA for our KitchenAid microwave. The stainless steel finish perfectly matches the microwave, and it has the modern, contemporary style we were looking for. We were also very pleased with the personalized help you provided us to figure out what we need to buy so that the trim  would be a good fit.
— Erika S. - San Ramon, CA
The experience with TrimKits USA from the ordering process, through design, delivery and installation has been a very positive experience. I’ve been very impressed with the professionalism of the process and the final product is clearly manufactured with craftsmanship and high quality materials.  We’re very satisfied with the final outcome and the microwave trim kit matches perfectly with the other high end built-in trim kits of our other kitchen appliances.  I would recommend TrimKits USA to anyone who requires a custom trim kit and desires a professional, high end look in their kitchen.
— Rick P. - Park Ridge, IL
TrimKits USA made a custom microwave trim kit for us as part of a kitchen renovation. Because we were installing a new microwave into existing cabinetry, we needed a custom trim kit. Dealing with Jody was very easy; the measurement instructions we were given were easy to understand and follow. The trim kit was delivered earlier than promised, it was perfectly fabricated, and it is a beautiful addition to the kitchen. A number of guests have commented how well it matches our new stainless steel appliances. The quality of the trim kit is wonderful, the stainless matches all my other high-end stainless appliances, and the measurements were exactly what they were supposed to be. Thank you so much for a quality product.
— Cindy B. - San Clemente, CA
Installation proved to be a simple and straightforward process.  I really appreciated the use of magnets for the mounting brackets, which allowed for minute adjustments.
— Jay N. - Carrollton, GA
Pleasantly surprised by the fact that the trim kit fit perfectly and looks great.  I say this because there were so many issues with our other appliances.  I would highly recommend TrimKits USA to any one needing a custom trim kit.  Especially like the ease of removing the from panel to ensure the area is clean.
— Rayna H. - Dallas, TX
We are very pleased with the quality and the appearance of our TrimKits USA unit.  First of all, the unit was packed very securely in a strong box and very well protected with inside a thick sponge foam enclosure.  We were especially impressed with its heavy gauge stainless steel construction and high quality finish.  It matched our KitchenAid stainless steel appliances perfectly.  It was superior to the original Whirlpool/KitchenAid trim kit (made mostly of plastic) in every way. Before I received the kit, I was a little skeptical about its magnetic mounting hardware.  But once we installed it, we found the hardware to be extremely stable and rock solid.  Plus, it gives you the ability to remove the kit for repairs to your microwave, or for cleaning,  without tools — though it will take a firm grip and a little muscle to break the bond between the (4) powerful magnets and the trim kit face.  As I said, it’s quite secure in place. The unit fit our microwave perfectly.  It looks in every way as though it were actually part of the microwave.  Thanks for you assistance and your prompt responses to our questions.
— Don A. - Cary NC
The trim kit was easy to install and fits perfectly with the newest Panasonic model microwave I purchased. The magnetic attachment design of the trim allows for easy adjustment. It is very solidly built and has very clean, modern lines. I am pleased with my purchase.
— Lee Y. - Windermere, FL
The ordering process was easy and all I had to do was supply the name and model of the unit as well as the cabinet dimensions.  Regarding install, dimensions were great.  Installation was straightforward. The look is fantastic and so much better than the old grill trim kit with my previous microwave.
— Bob B. - Stillwater, MN
Yes, your work is gorgeous and thanks so much for hanging in there with me regarding the photo attachment. I would like to proceed with the order.  You have enough patience to put up with the e-mail attachment hassle, I have confidence your trim kit will be worth it.  Also, I have investigated your competitor and and agree your product is superior. Thanks Jody….You’ve been really awesome with me.
— Lynn C. - Coronado, CA
The service was amazing! I had placed the order online and got a call from the owner. I also got great advice on the microwave we were going to use and ended up getting a much better one. Thank you.
— Brad R. - Portland, OR
Your trim kits look so much better than the cheesy ones supplied by the microwave companies… especially for a contemporary installation.
— Kim G. -Breckenridge, CO
Jody, Just had our trim kits installed. They fit PERFECTLY! You did a super job. Thank you so much.    I really appreciate doing business with you.
— Doug D. - Tomball, TX
“Jody at TrimKits provided exceptional customer service and a very easy to install microwave trim kit.  We are very pleased with the ease of installation and the final results” Thanks again for everything!
— Tony G. - San Diego, CA)
Trim kit was very easy to install and looks professional.
— Bill S. - Yorba Linda, CA (Installer)
Thank you so much for all of your help, it is nice to actually deal with a company with great  customer service.
— Shawn B. - San Diego, CA
The trim kit worked out beautifully, it fits perfect & looks awesome :) We appreciate your professionalism & prompt service, we would definitely use your company again in the future. Happy new year, and thank you again!
— Jeralyn C. - Morganville, NJ
Thank you, so much for all of your help. When my microwave needed to be replaced I was horrified to learn the trim kits for my microwave had been discontinued. Not only did you recommend a new microwave but helped me through the entire process. We are very pleased with the final outcome. By the way, very easy to install. Thank you, again.
— Janet R. - Gallatin, TN
The microwave was installed and the trim kit looks great.  Here are pictures you requested.  I appreciate the “rush” you put on our order too.  It was a pleasure doing business with you.
— Richard V. - Sharon, MA
Thank you for replying so quickly. I’d like to place this order.
— John S. - Houston, TX)
Trim kit is being ordered by Monark Premium Appliances for me. Thanks. Keep up the good work.
— Farhat - Santa Clara, CA
Jody, MANY THANKS for your prompt reply!!  Your trim kits look terrific!
— Irene C.
Got it!  Just ordered the 30 inch trim kit.  Thanks for all your help.  You are clearly the reason behind your company’s success!!!
— Julie G. - Boca Raton, FL
Attached is a photo of the installed trim kit. We are very satisfied with the appearance. I do recommend your service to others. Thank you
— Doug B. – Lake Charles, LA
Had the trim kit installed today, looks great.
— Nevin E. - Marlboro, NJ
Yes, the trim kit came out perfect.  Here’s a couple of pics.
— Chris T. - Aliso Veijo, CA
Such a great solution to a problem that I can’t believe no one solved until now! Customer service is very helpful, product is high quality and really makes a custom look out of a relatively inexpensive microwave. Rave reviews!                                            
— Lauren E. – Del Mar, CA
I installed my TrimKit frame yesterday. The instructions on installation were good. According to instructions I set the microwave in the proper position, then set the frame and made adjustments for its proper position. Then I traced around the perimeter of the frame onto masking tape previously placed on the cabinet surface. This really helped when installing the magnet mounts because I could line the adjustment tabs up on the corner lines and fasten the mounts. Consequently, the frame mounted perfectly the first try and needed no further adjustments. This is a good product.                                                                  
— Jack G.- Southaven, MS