Non Traditional Microwaves

As much as we all would love to be able to build in every microwave that is made - sometimes it just shouldn't be done.

One of the main reasons is that the microwave is not JUST a microwave. Some new microwaves are blurring the lines between traditional ranges and microwave ovens. And in some cases this okay. We make a line of Trim Kits that can be used with Convection Microwaves. The challenge with Convection Microwaves are that they can throw off a lot of heat. So we deal with this extra heat by including a Fan in these Trim Kits. But even with a Fan you still need to allow for more air flow than a traditional microwave - so it is important that the installer follows the installation instructions by cutting a hole in the cabinet that the microwave is going to be installed in.

You will also note that we only make 30" (nominal width) Trim Kits for Convection Microwaves - this helps to insure that we will have the air flow we need to keep your microwave functional.

There appears to be a new type of microwave that is hitting the market place. It Microwaves and GRILLS. While this may sound super appealing to be able to grill a steak in your microwave (once one gets past the mess this can create) the amount of heat this gives off is more than cabinets can take. This type of Microwave should NOT be built in - EVER. One manufacture of this kind of Grilling Microwave evens points this out in their installation instructions (see screenshot below).

So as you consider what microwave to build in to your kitchen please make the following notes:

1. If the Exterior Width of the cabinet is less than 30" (nominal) than do NOT select a Convection Microwave.

2. DO NOT even consider a microwave with the Grilling Feature if you want to Build It In.

Install Instructions From Samsung Grill Microwave