We're Not the Cheapest, But We Are the Best!

After my kitchen remodel, my contractor suggested that I get a trim kit for the microwave. He recommended TrimKits USA but said it comes at a cost, so I decided I would do my own research. Once I found TrimKits USA website and saw that this was the trim that I was looking for, I contacted the company directly. Jody was very responsive and helpful and walked me through the entire process (which was not complicated- just a few measurements and photos of my microwave). Yes, it is quite expensive but ordering the trim kit myself eliminated the contractor’s markup and installation fee. Yes, I was able to install the trim kit myself (suburban housewife) with no trouble in about (35) min. It took me that long because my electric drill’s battery died and I had to use a hand screw driver. The design and construction are fabulous and most of all, the grade of steel matches my Viking appliances perfectly! I think the photo speaks volumes of how wonderfully this trim finishes the look of our kitchen. My husband (who objected the cost of the trim initially) is also so pleased. I wholeheartedly recommend this company and their product for a high-end finish for your kitchen!
— Tatjana F. (Menlo Park, CA)