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More and more appliance industry leaders are turning to TrimKits USA for trim kit solutions tailored to fit today’s urban lifestyle and don’t restrict your design – they unleash it by providing a high degree of perceived value.

If you have a large project where requiring Trim Kits we have a value trim kit available. While these trim kits are less featured than our signature EuroTrim product they are very easy to install, have a cleaner design and are of a higher quality than what the microwave manufacturers offer.

Some of these features include:

  • Made of (430) #4 stainless steel (lesser grade than EuroTrim, but better than most OEM kits)

  • Mounted with screws to the inside gables (so no screws through the face of the cabinet)

  • Runners are are made of stainless steel (not wood like most OEM kits)

  • Includes a backstop to prevent microwave from sliding back into the opening

Check out the installation video below! Think of all the man hours that will be saved in the installation process by going with Trim Kits from TrimKits USA versus the OEM Trim Kits.

Looking for multi unit projects?  Contact our sales team below for a quote.


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