Customized & Integrated Appliances are in High Demand

Many references in the article in Kitchen & Bath Design News (October 2015) are representative of the features & benefits that TrimKits USA offers in our industry best trim kits.

  •  Customized appliances are in high demand. 
  • Appliances aren’t a “one-size-fits-all” product – they’re personal. A number of factors including cooking styles, aesthetic preferences, the way appliances complement each other and the overall kitchen space all have an impact on current trends.
  • “A continuing trend is the desire to create beautiful kitchens, and incorporating appliances that help achieve this aesthetic,” says Brian Maynard, marketing director for Benton Harbor, MI-based Jenn-Air. An example, he says, are appliances installed flush with very tight gaps that fit seamlessly into cabinets.

  • While stainless hasn’t lost favor and probably never will, particularly with professional-style appliances

  • “There has been the introduction of a few additional fnishes like black stainless steel,” he says. But, he adds, “The next stainless steel has yet to arrive.”

  • “We are seeing appliance designs trending toward incorporating clean lines to achieve a modern aesthetic and seamless integration”

  • Appliances must blend into the cabinets to create a clean and consistent look

  • “Integration is not going to go away”