Why spend $350.00 + on a microwave trim kit?

It is not about how much a  microwave trim kit costs vs. the microwave itself, is it is about how a solid stainless steel trim kit seamlessly integrates your microwave with not only the trim kit, but your entire kitchen with the below features:

  • High quality (304) stainless steel to perfectly match today’s high-end kitchen appliances, vs. a trim kit fabricated from aluminum (not stainless steel), then color powder coated or anodized, which DOES NOT integrate with your stainless steel appliance finish, and gives a distinctly different look between the trim kit and the microwave.
  • Versatile design that can be installed either flush-to-cabinet (for that that true “built-in” look) to match today’s trend of flush mounted appliances, or as a surface/proud mount, … it’s like having two trim kits in one. 

  • our trim kit DOES NOT effect the integrity of expensive cabinetry (our screw holes are inside the cabinet opening), so no screws are placed into your expensive cabinet facings or gable ends.

You DO NOT want is to have your trim kit make your microwave, and/or your entire kitchen look cheap.