If your considering buying a Micro-Trim ... STOP ... check out TrimKits USA

There are MANY critical differences in various trim kits for microwave ovens, microwave drawers, coffee makers, speed/steam ovens, and wall oven filler strips.

The concept is to seamlessly integrate your appliance and kitchen, which you simply can not achieve with a Micro-Trim, find out why:

See what customers have to say on Yelp regarding their experiences with Micro-Trim products:

  • 1/5/2017 - R C., Norco, CA

    Sorry guys but your product is junk. Side pieces have a different texture than the upper and lower pieces AND when we called back to let you know it was damaged you told us we had it on backwards. Your instructions are a joke and that is a direct result in POOR illustration for install. Here's a great idea, put a damn sticker that says"F" for front and "B" for back. That way we only have to do this once. We are not professionals by any means and it needs to be user friendly. Not happy at all. P.S. Where is the zero star?

  • 9/26/16 - Linda W, St Charles, IL

    The side pieces do not match the top and bottom at all. This is aluminum not stainless and the graining on sides is vertical while graining top and bottom is horizontal. Makes the color WAY off. Unfortunately, no microwave trim kits fit our opening so this is our last resort. I would not recommend unless you are really in a bind.

  • 3/4/2016 - Peter R.,  Dallas, TX

    Absolute junk. This thing is a joke. There's is no way to construct it and mount it on your cabinets, because it's only held together with 4 screws on the cabinets. It fits together like a jigsaw puzzle and it's up to you to figure out how to use your 8 arms like an octopus to mount the thing. Besides the fact that it's a cheaply finished piece of aluminum, not stainless steel like it was represented to be. Buyer beware.

  • 11/10/2010 - Ryan D., San Rafael, CA

    First time poster to Yelp and felt compelled to post after my experience.  For the same money, I could have gotten the OEM trim for the microwave. which is all steel, easy to install and looks much cleaner.  Needless to say, I orded the OEM trim today and I'm throwing this in the trash.

    I received my trim and spent a couple hours trying to install- I don't recommend and here's what I learned in the process:

  1. The supports for the microwave are plastic and flimsy and require 4 screws each (8 in total) in order to secure and make it sturdy enough for the microwave.  The OEM version only requires 3 screws and is all steel.
  2. The installation is a total pain- you'll fumble around and drill countless holes and have to pull the microwave in an out each time in order to get it flush with the cabinet.  Total waste of time and effort as well as the frustration that goes along with.
  3. The final product looks crappy compared to the OEM version.  The face of the Micro-Trim is four separate pieces.  The OEM version is a single, seamless and smooth cover that sits around the microwave.