Why choose a EuroTrim kit by TrimKits USA?

Discover the critical features, benefits, and unique innovations our EuroTrim's offer that no other trim kit does:

  • High quality (304) stainless steel to perfectly match today’s high-end kitchen appliances
    • Trim kits from Micro-Trim are fabricated from aluminum (not stainless steel), then color powder coated or anodized, which DOES NOT integrate with your stainless steel appliance finish, and gives a distinctly different look between the trim kit and the microwave.

  • DO NOT affect the integrity of expensive cabinetry (our screw holes are inside the box), so no screws are placed into your expensive cabinet facings

EuroTrim™ unique trim kit features:

  • Revolutionary magnet mounting brackets which allow for infinite design and mounting options.
  • Unique patent pending STOPADS™ for fast, accurate and secure positioning of the microwave.
  • Integrates perfectly with North American and European cabinets (we have 60cm & 70cm trim kits)
  • EuroTrim kits DO NOT have any of the obtrusive finishes and mounting technics that the OEM competitors use, such as:
    • brushed aluminum (does not match the stainless steel appliance)
    • plastic (does not match the stainless steel appliance)
    • seams (don’t look good, grain of metal runs in different directions)
    • spot welds (not very strong)
    • visible screws (not appealing, creates holes in your expensive cabinets, hard to clean)
    • clips (have to be aligned perfectly for an install to work)
  • Allows different appliance brands to be used in a kitchen so you can have the “best of class” in each category and EuroTrim™ will coordinate all the appliances seamlessly
  • Will build for any custom application/options needed
  • Are forgiving to install (magnet mounting system with flaps allows great flexibility)
    • easiest and most precise trim kit installation available. Period.
    • has adjustability with the flaps (rarely are floors/cabinets perfectly square)
    • EuroTrim™ trim kits come with detailed, direct and easy to follow installation instructions.
  • Allows you to replace your microwave in 3-5 years should you need to, it can be replaced with a new model microwave without having holes in your cabinetry. Statistics indicate that 18-24% of appliances break down within the first year.

  • Our website offers a unique way of selecting trim kits for all key appliance brands, our “TrimKit Finder” lets appliance dealer, architects, designers, cabinet manufacturers and home owners alike, easily find any stock trim kit, or allows them to customize their own appliance trim kit needed.

  • Explore our web site to find out more – www.trimkitsusa.com