Maximizing Appliance "Upgrades/Options" Sales Potential in Your Showroom

Appliance showrooms need to properly position “upgrades/options” in order to not only maximum sales, but also not loose sales.

In order to maximize your sales, you need to show upgrades/options, including trim kits.

Many dealers totally forget trim kit options, or simply don’t worry about trim kits, and therefore they loose entire appliance packages … we hear of this often from customers.

Customers are often told to find there own trim kit options, and in doing their research, they often take their appliance package to a competitor.

If they want a built-in microwave they also want a trim kit as well, and that need has to be fulfilled with the best product, features & benefits.

Explain all of the benefits of a EuroTrim trim kit:

·    Stainless steel

·    Design options

·    Mounting options

·    How the microwave trim kit integrates the kitchen

Enhance there imagination and show them the many critical features & benefits of a EuroTrim trim kit by TrimKits USA.