Microwave Trim Kits

TrimKits USA has a 24" Panasonic microwave trim kit available for IKEA cabinets

TrimKits USA has 24" Panasonic microwave trim kit available for IKEA cabinets  

  • our model # P24IKEAEU242166

  • This trim kit will fit any 1.2 cu.ft. Panasonic microwave with 24" IKEA cabinets

  • Custom trim kits can be made for other small (less than 1.5 cu.ft.) microwaves to fit the IKEA cabinets

More than 75% of homeowners prefer stainless steel appliances

When considering a kitchen remodel, more than 75% of homeowners prefer stainless steel appliances.

What color finish would you choose for your #microwavetrimkit?

Custom microwave trim kits can be designed to fit almost any desired microwave and made to fit any pre-existing cabinet opening

EuroTrim custom trim kits make it possible to install almost all manufacturers models of microwaves, microwave drawers, coffee makers and speed/steam ovens into almost any pre-existing cabinetry.

EuroTrim can also make filler strips to fill in any gap when you replace your wall oven.

TrimKits USA makes microwave trim kits for ALL microwave brands, including: Bosch, Dacor, DCS, Electrolux, Frigidaire, Gaggenau, GE, Jenn-Air, KitchenAid, Kenmore, LG, Maytag, Miele, Panasonic, Samsung, Sharp, Thermador, Viking, Whirlpool and Wolf

Which trim kit do you want in your kitchen?


  • Stainless steel
  • Versatile design, can be installed either either flush-to-cabinet (for that that true “built-in” look), or as a surface/proud mount, to match today’s trend of flush mounted appliances … it’s like having two trim kits in one.
  • Seamlessly integrates your appliance & trim kit
  • No screws holes in the cabinetry fascia
  • Perfectly flush to the microwave
  • Grain of trim kit matches the grain of the appliance
  • Remove for service in a few seconds
  • Re-installs within seconds
  • Revolutionary magnet mounting brackets which allow for infinite design and mounting options and are very forgiving to install
  • EuroTrim kits DO NOT have any of the obtrusive finishes and mounting technics that the OEM competitors use


  • Brushed Aluminum: looks totally different than your stainless steel appliance
  • Visible screws: not appealing, creates holes in your expensive cabinets, hard to clean
  • Doesn’t sit flush with the microwave or the cabinetry, very unattractive
  • Can not be flush mounted, therefore doesn’t integrate the appliance & trim kit
  • Grain runs in two different directions
  • Hard/impossible to remove for service: the average appliance will need service 25% of the time within the first year according to AHAM
  • Very difficult/impossible to re-install after the screws are removed from cabinets
  • Hard to clean
  • Customers do not like when they see other options like EuroTrim
  • Hard to install, can not adjust reveals

Maximizing Appliance "Upgrades/Options" Sales Potential in Your Showroom

Appliance showrooms need to properly position “upgrades/options” in order to not only maximum sales, but also not loose sales.

In order to maximize your sales, you need to show upgrades/options, including trim kits.

Many dealers totally forget trim kit options, or simply don’t worry about trim kits, and therefore they loose entire appliance packages … we hear of this often from customers.

Customers are often told to find there own trim kit options, and in doing their research, they often take their appliance package to a competitor.

If they want a built-in microwave they also want a trim kit as well, and that need has to be fulfilled with the best product, features & benefits.

Explain all of the benefits of a EuroTrim trim kit:

·    Stainless steel

·    Design options

·    Mounting options

·    How the microwave trim kit integrates the kitchen

Enhance there imagination and show them the many critical features & benefits of a EuroTrim trim kit by TrimKits USA.

TrimKits USA has a new 4" static cling sticker for dealers

We designed these new static cling stickers specifically for dealers, to make it very easy to refer customers who need a trim kit for their appliance to TrimKits USA.

These can be applied to any of the following appliances in the store:

·  stainless steel counter top microwaves

·  microwave drawers

·  coffee makers

·  steam/speed ovens

If you have any questions or would like additional stickers, please either call us at 844-TRIMKIT (874-6548), or e-mail to: jodyh@trimkitsusa.com


TrimKits USA extensive appliance trim kit selection allows you limitless design options

TrimKits USA has a wide variety of trim kits that no other trim kit manufacture offers.

We offer:

  • microwave trim kits is 24”, 27” and 30” standard options, as well as custom made trim kits to match your microwave and cabinetry
  • microwave drawer trim kits in 27” and 30” options for all OEM microwave drawers
  • 27” coffee maker trim kits (full surround or side strips only)

Our vast selection allows you to place your microwave, microwave drawer or coffee maker in so many locations you never thought were possible.

A few examples are:

  • place your 24” microwave drawer in the following locations:
    • a 27” cabinet with one of our 27” microwave drawer trim kits
    • below your 27” single wall oven
    • in a 27” cabinet base in your island

Use our 24” microwave trim kits to:

  • place your microwave in 24” cabinets
  • pair your microwave with your coffee maker

Our trim kits are also proportional in both width and height and work well with all cabinets; unlike so many other trim kits, giving you a true integrated look.

Our trim kits can also be installed either flush-to-cabinet (for that that true “built-in” look), or as a surface/proud mount … it’s like having two trim kits in one.

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What brands of microwaves does TrimKits USA make trim kits for?

TrimKits USA makes microwave trim kits for ALL microwave brands, including: Bosch, Dacor, DCS, Electrolux, Frigidaire, GE, Jenn-Air, KitchenAid, Kenmore, LG, Maytag, Miele, Panasonic, Samsung, Sharp, Thermador, Viking, Whirlpool and Wolf 

Servicing All Customers in the US: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming


The Built-in Microwave Trend is Growing

More and more people want their microwave built into a cabinet for an integrated look.

Since trim kits with louvers are not especially good looking, are made of aluminum, therefor do not match the microwave itself or any other adjacent appliance.

TrimKits USA addresses all of the above issues. Our trim kits are made from the highest grade (304) stainless steel that matches all manufacturers appliances, offer the industry best appearance and can be either surface/proud mounted or flush mounted. 

TrimKits USA trim kits makes microwaves have a buzz about them.

2015: It Was A Very Good Year

Just take a gander at the factory shipment numbers for 2015, courtesy of the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM).

  • Total wholesale sales were up an impressive 8.1 percent in unit volume, to some 72.5 million pieces, which certainly gave the CE industry a run for its money. This compares favorably to 2014’s appliance performance, when total industry shipments rose a more measured 4.9 percent.
  • Leading the appliance parade last year was the cooking category, up a whopping 15.2 percent on strength in microwave ovens — ahead 22.6 percent — and electric ovens, up 7.4 percent. Those gains helped offset a serious 32.3 percent drop in gas-oven shipments, which totaled just 20,000 units.

Built-in appliances are the hallmark of the high-end kitchen

From microwaves to coffeemakers to steam/speed ovens, appliances are disappearing into the cabinetry for a high end, seamless appearance.

As far as finishes for appliances that will be visible, stainless is still the predominant look in kitchens.

Two big product trending products are microwave drawers and steam ovens.

TrimKits USA is the only trim kit manufacturer to offer trim kits for all product categories, microwave ovens, microwave drawers, coffee makers and steam/speed ovens.

TrimKits USA offers North America's largest line of microwave oven built-in trim kits

TrimKits USA EuroTrim™ line is North America's largest line of built-in appliance trim kits for microwave ovens, microwave drawers, coffee makers, steam ovens and speed ovens.

Precisely crafted to work with all manufacturers such as: Bosch, Dacor, DCS, Electrolux, Frigidaire, Gaggenau, GE, Jenn-Air, KitchenAid, LG, Maytag, Miele, Panasonic, Samsung, Sharp, Thermador, Viking, Whirlpool & Wolf




Make your EuroTrim stainless steel trim kit smudge-proof in (2) minutes

All stainless steel appliances need to be cleaned/treated.

You don't need harsh chemicals to get the job done, though. If you have vinegar and oil, you have all you need. It's eco-friendly and takes just a few minutes.

The results are great and the oil and vinegar combination wards off fingerprints, so you don't need to clean as often.

How to treat your stainless steel trim kit with oil and vinegar

Step 1: Wipe down your appliance with a cotton cloth dipped in white vinegar. Be sure to rub in the direction of the stainless steel's "grain." If you look closely at your appliance you will see tiny little variances in the color of the stainless steel. These color differences form lines going in one direction. This is the grain. When you clean your stainless steel, always rub in the direction the lines are pointing.

Step 2: Dab another clean cotton cloth in olive oil or mineral oil and rub along the grain. After you're done, wipe down the area with a clean cloth.

These two oils don't yellow when they dry and they leave a protective coating to prevent moisture damage. 

How often you reapply depends on how much your appliance is used, but the treatment should last a few weeks in most homes.

Microwave ovens are no longer just for kitchens

You now see additional microwaves in game rooms, wet bars, master bedrooms, home theaters and transition rooms.

With so many TrimKits USA trim kit options for microwaves, microwave drawers and coffee makers you should specify one of our industry best, state-of-the-art trim kits in your next project.

Where should the microwave go?

Built-in trim kits for microwave ovens

Often designers and end-users look for an alternative location other than the countertop in order to save space, provide greater functionality and a more integrated look.

TrimKits USA offers North Americas largest selection of trim kits that allow you to build-in almost all countertop and built-in microwave models into a cabinet or wall location.

TrimKits USA trim kits are available in many "standard" and "custom" sizes. Please check our web site at: www.trimkitsusa.com

Microwave Oven Market Today & The Future

  • Microwave ovens, today, form an integral part of kitchen appliances.

  • North America is a major revenue contributor to the global microwave oven market.

  • The increasing propensity of consumers to spend on appliances which assist them in kitchen chores has generated an increasing demand for microwave ovens.

  • Additionally, the changing lifestyle of consumers has encouraged the users to opt for stylish and convenient appliances which complement their living standards.

  • Moreover, the need of energy efficient kitchen appliances and growing demand for smart appliances are factors that will drive the growth of the microwave oven market.

  • Top players (Panasonic, Whirlpool, Frigidaire, GE) are adopting various strategies in the market in order to acquire a bigger market share in the microwave oven market.

  • Their key development strategies include product launch, partnerships and collaborations.

  • TrimKits USA manufacturers trim kits that are functional, stylish and integrate extremely well with the entire kitchen. 

TrimKits USA is the ONLY supplier with trim kits for all major brands of Microwave Drawers

  • TrimKits USA has trim kits for all of the below manufacturers microwave drawer models:
    • Bosch, model # HMD8451UC

      Gaggenau, model # MW420620

      GE monogram, model # ZWL1126JSS

      Jenn-Air, model # JMD2124WS

      Sharp , models # KB6524PS and SMD2470AS

      Thermador, model # MD24JS

      Viking, model # VMOD241SS

      Wolf, model # MD24TES

  • High quality (304) stainless steel to perfectly match today’s high-end kitchen appliances
  • Can be installed either either flush-to-cabinet (for that that true “built-in” look), or as a surface/proud mount … it’s like having two trim kits in one.
  • DOES NOT effect the integrity of expensive cabinetry (our screw holes are inside the box), so no screws are placed into your expensive cabinet facings

  • Forgiving to install (magnet mounting system with flaps allows great flexibility)
  • We also include the entire hardware kit needed for installation.

TrimKits USA includes a "Fan Box" for convection microwave trim kits

 A true convection microwave has a high velocity forced air fan to circulate the hot air uniformly, therefore a convection microwave trim kit needs a "fan box" to remove the energy it creates.

TrimKits USA's convection microwave trim kits not only include a "fan box" to remove the hot air created, but also includes a complete hardware kit with all necessary supplies for installation.